Upper Body Workout at Home no Equipment

Upper body workout at home no equipment include the sections like shoulders, chest, arms. These exercises include some planks, push-ups, and dragon walk to pull up your routine for upper body exercise. These are the upper body workout at home with no equipment. You are capable to do these exercises at your home, apartment, or even in a room.

Some upper body exercises are difficult to maintain without equipment but in the case of muscles, it will be a great help to choose all of the muscles in your body. You head up into an exercise for your upper body into your daily routine. Try to start up with 15 minutes of each exercise and 5 minutes of break to sustain your exercise routine.

These upper body exercises will be a great help in increasing your strength and in the improvement of your mental health. It will help to reduce depression and anxiety. Gathering up to these exercises will help you have more energy and strength to run up with your daily life activities.

Upper body workout at home no equipment involves,

Push-ups for Upper Body:

It usually begins by lying down. In this exercise, the shoulders are assembled above your wrists. Elongate your legs behind you and extend your whole body back in the horizontal position. Drop your body to the ground continue by raising and lowering it up and down in the horizontal position.

  1. This exercise is perfect to strengthen up your lower back and the center of your body.
  2. It also makes your abdominal muscles strong.
  3. It strengthens your upper body stamina.
Plank sidewalk:

The plank sidewalk is upper body exercises at home with no equipment. Beginning with your body by placing it in a plank position with straight arms. Start moving both your left arm and left leg sidewards by sustaining them straightway and make sure that lift both of your arm and leg from the floor. In high plank lift your right arm and leg towards your left arm and leg in another position.

  1. It will make your lower and upper muscles stronger.
  2. It will also strengthen up your back that is the center of your body.
Body Saw Upper body exercise:

Body saw exercise is a type of exercise for your upper body that shows development in the plank position. In an adequate plank front, the plank position assembles your body back and forth from your arms. In the beginning, the posture is much more like a front plank as your toes are bend and the only component moving in your body are your arms that are great at the soring action. In this exercise, you have to maintain a straight horizontal plank position you can take maximum action from your arms.

  1. It is one of the best exercises you can do for your body core.
  2. It instructs your body core to stay in its perfect position.
Side Push-ups:

These push-ups are the best upper body workout at home with no equipment. In this exercise, you have to lie on one side of your body and you have to press your body against the ground with the help of your hand at the height of your shoulder. Using your hand press your body against the floor in the upward direction against the ground as far as you can control it. Try this exercise frequently on each side of your body.

  1. They will make your triceps, biceps, and other muscles stronger.
  2. It will also strengthen up your lower body core.
Arm Circles for Upper body exercise:

Hold out your hands in the straight position and produce circles with your fingers from your shoulder joint. Repeat this exercise by moving your hands in backward and the forward direction for a short time interval.

  1. It helps in making the perfect muscle tone in your triceps and biceps.
  2. It warms up the blood moving in your body and arms that is a huge benefit.
Dragon walk for Upper body Exercise:

This exercise is suitable for your upper body workout at home with no equipment. In this exercise, all you have to do is stand at the very end of your workout mat and try to lean your body forward and keep your legs straight and try to reach out the workout mat with your fingers. Move your hand in the forward direction until you are in the push-up position. Then move your feet in the forward direction to meet up your hands and make sure that your butt is in the air. Repeat this exercise after standing up straight in the other direction.

  1. It is beneficial for your chest.
  2. It is also good to strengthen up your lower back, triceps, and shoulders.
Reach out to Forearm Plank Exercise:

This exercise involves from a forearm plank position, holding out your legs behind you, your elbows must be placed under your shoulders and your hand be in the forward direction so that your forearms are equidistant. Try to reach out your right hand forward and tap the floor back up your right hand in the straight position, repeat the same process with your left hand by moving it forward tap the floor, and then back up your left hand in the straight position. Repeat this process on both sides of your hands by keeping your hips in a steady direction. Keep your feet open if there is difficulty in keeping up with this exercise.

  1. It helps to make your legs stronger.
  2. It strengthens up your back.
  3. It increases the stretch in your shoulders, feet, and calves.

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