The 7 Easy Exercises to Lose Weight for Beginners

Exercise is a requirement for your complete health. A healthy body is directly inter-linked to your weight loss. You have to face the complications like heart diseases, obesity, and diabetes if you have a high body weight. You must follow some of the easy exercises to lose weight for beginners.

Exercise is essential for you if you are willing to lose weight and stay fit. You don’t have to do hard exercises and get yourself into a sweat. You can follow some easy exercises at home or outdoors that will help you out with your weight loss.

In addition to exercise, a healthy diet is also necessary that help you out to burn more calories for your weight loss. It also has a great impact on your mood. It prevents laziness and helps you to become more active to run your daily life activities.

Some of the easy exercises to lose weight for beginners are following,

Running for Weight Loss:

Running is the best exercise to burn fats and to lose weight. It helps you to burn a lot of calories. After a long period of workouts, your body burns a massive amount of calories and loses weight. Running also restrain appetite and removes extra belly fat. Running for 15 to 30 minutes in 3-4 weeks is beneficial for burning harmful visceral fats. Running also helps to make your legs stronger and builds up extra strength in you to stay active.


It is one of the essential exercises required for weight loss. It is an easy exercise to balance in your daily routine. Walking during your lunch breaks, having a stroll at the time of sunsets, and taking stairs for extra walks. Startup by taking a walk slowly for 10 minutes and then gradually increasing the abundance of your time to walk. If you add up a 30 minutes walk 3-4 times a week will help to burn 150 calories in a day. Walking is good for your overall health as it is the easiest way to burn calories.

Cycling for Weight Loss:

Cycling is one of the best workouts for weight loss. It is estimated that a person can lose about 300 calories in 1 hour. Most commonly cycling is done outdoors but various gyms have contributed to having stationary bicycles indoors that also work best for weight loss. Researchers have suggested that cycling is best for the circulatory system, decreases body fat, and promotes healthy body weight.


Skipping plays an essential role in weight loss. It helps to burn about 10 calories in 60 seconds. Skipping increases your heart rate which in turn increases the blood flow through your body. Skipping increases muscle toning, rise in metabolism, and burns calories in a short period. It helps to conduct calmness and to ease off depression and anxiety. For the sake of coordination in your workout, it increases the balance of your body.

Stretching for weight loss:

Stretching is one of the easy exercises to lose weight for beginners. It not only plays a role to make your body feel relaxed but additionally it is also helpful in weight loss. It provides more flexibility, raises blood circulation, and also relieves muscle tension. If you do 10-20 minutes of stretching it will help to lose an exceptional amount of weight. It makes your whole body lose weight.


These are easy exercises to lose weight for beginners as it loses an immense amount of weight from the thighs also is helpful in weight loss from the overall body. It is also called a muscle strengthening exercise. It helps to enhance the lower body by burning calories and warding off fat formation in your lower body parts. It helps to form a good body composition. It makes your body stronger. It set off a metabolic and hormonal response that leads to weight loss.

Yoga for Weight loss:

These are easy exercises to lose weight for beginners. It generally helps to release stress from the body. It helps in the loss of an immense amount of calories and offers great health benefits that will lead to weight loss. It helps to improve cardiovascular health, it makes the muscles stronger and it healthily makes your mind and body.

Tips for weight loss:

Here are some of the best tips for weight loss,

  1. Have a cup of coffee or tea to enhance your metabolism.
  2. Have a high protein fiber breakfast to avoid cravings for more calories.
  3. Get 8 to 9 hours of good quality sleep.
  4. Drink water before eating a meal will reduce the intake of calories present in the meal.
  5. Eating quickly can lead to weight gain, eat slowly and progressively.
  6. Add salmon, whole eggs, green leafy vegetables, and boiled potatoes to your diet they are weight loss friendly.

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