4 Best Strength Training for Runners no Equipment.

So when we run log distance we start off the run feeling really good from and then as we get tried the form starts to slip a little bit you start to kind of round the shoulders so it is really important to strengthen your core so you stay upright and you are able to run with good form for and essentially you are running more efficiently which ultimately makes your run faster and you will have a better race so that’s why it’s really important to have a strong core when you are running so The 4 best strength training for runners no equipment this will only take about 20 minutes.
In this article, I will give u The 4 best strength training for runners with no equipment except a mat or a soft surface so a carpet or rug or towel is fine. Do this once or twice a week after an easy run feel free to ask any questions at any point if u need.

Best Strength Training for Runners no Equipment is given below.
Jump Squats Exercise at Home.

Let me explain to you in point for better understanding.

  • Before jump Squats The first thing I do is start with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms to your side with a slight bend to your elbows.
  • Next, you’re going to squat down keeping your arms to your side bending your elbows slightly more, and then
  • You are going to jump up and extend your hips reaching the arms straight up over your head and then landing in that bottom
  • The position that you will be in with each repetition will be excellent for developing explosive strength in your quadriceps and gluts.
Importance of Squat Exercise.
  • If you do this on a daily basis then become your lower body shape. and blood circulation will be increased in your body due to this exercise as well.
  • If the circulation is excellent, the body will absorb more oxygen and important nutrients and it is good for the runner.
Don’t Make that Mistake During jump Squats Exercise.
  • Don’t exercise too fast and emotionally.
  • Don’t jump too high.
How long should I do squat jumps?

If you are a beginner then do 2 sets of 10- 15 repetitions.

jump Lunges Exercise at Home.
  • start out in a regular lunge track your knee over your toe and drive your back leg down towards the ground.
  • Your hips are going straight down and then your shoulders are over your hips they are not too far back not too far forward and your leg is not too.
  • Now I want to lift yourself up like you’re in a baby carrier and you have a nice buoyancy underneath your pelvis you’re going to lift and switch drive that backs leg down catch a little air at the top stabilizes that knee tracks over that toe and drives with a lot of power.
  • If you are a beginner then do 2 sets only a day .You can do more in a few weeks.
Importance of Squat Exercise.
  • Improved core stability.
  • Increase the flexibility of the hip flexor.
  • Become more active.
Side Lunges Exercise at Home.

Side lunges are a highly effective exercise that targets the lower body specifically the glutes hamstrings and inner thighs begin by standing tall with feet together take a wide step out keeping your toes facing in the same direction with both feet flat on the floor allow your knee to bend as you step outward keeping your hips back and descending to a comfortable depth release the position by pushing off the extended foot and returning to the starting position you can alternate sides or do one side than the other.

If you are a beginner then do only 2 sets. Complete 6 reps on the right side, then change sides and repeat.

Push-Ups exercise at Home.
  • The spacing between your hands is the first point to check before trying push-ups.
  • This space should be quite larger than the width of your should.
  • Check your shoulder width and position your palms a little wider than that to perform push-ups, simply push the floor and you will be up with the help of your hand and then down the same direction.
  • 10 push-ups per day for beginners.
Importance of Push-Ups.

This action is great for strength growth just because it strengthens the foundations of your weight training if done correctly. Push-ups also improve general body posture and force your heart to give more oxygen to working muscles, which is good for your cardiovascular health.

Don’t make that mistake during Push-up exercise.

Many people tend to take support from their fingers when they push the floor. It does not work the working muscle and the fingers start paining.

what will you get after this exercise?

By doing this exercise on a regular basis, you may improve your body’s balance and stability, laying a stronger foundation on which to create force with other exercises like running, and with that, you look younger and smart.

Feel free to ask any questions about strength training for runners with no equipment.

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