About Me


My name ISMAIL DURRANI and I have 5 years of experience in Artificial intelligence. Additionally, I also do have a couple of years of experience in the online field. Along with this, I am also known as the Coach of Health and Fitness as I have a couple of years of experience in it.

So I have created this website Dailynewshealth which is specifically based on Health and Fitness. I hope that you find some of the good tips and tricks regarding your health and fitness on my website.


The main motive of my website is to guide you and give the best of tips and tricks about health and fitness. As in these days, health is the topmost concern of every person if you have the health you can achieve everything in your life. But for good health, you must have a good diet plan and a good fitness plan. Because to stay active and to achieve your daily goals you must be active and fit.

On my website, I will be picturizing some of the most important health concerns of your life. The most basic organs of your body to keep them healthy. Your body to stay in position and fit for your daily activities.

Some of the main concerns about your mental health, which has been a basic issue in our generation for the past couple of years. My website will be concerning some of the main issues of daily life and to overcome with some the best results in an appropriate way.

So the categories my website includes are as follows.


Nutrition concerns our health. If we are having a healthy nutritious diet so we can keep going for our daily activities in our life. But avoiding unhealthy food and adapting a good nutritious balanced diet. Like adding salads, adding greens vegetables to our diet along with some fresh meat, fish etc. now these are healthy food which is the best way to get nutrition to our body.


The eyes are the main visual organ. They are a part of our natural beauty so it’s pretty much good to take care of them.


The hair is the main body part. as there are many problems related to hair we will try our best to add some of the haircare tips.


skincare is the main part of what we call our natural beauty. My website will help to organize some basic skincare routines and ways.


As fitness is defined as the condition which is favourable to be strong, strengthened enough that you can cope with the daily life activities in a better way.

My website includes both Men and Women fitness. So that both the genders can apply the best way to stay fit and healthy.