10 Negative Side Effects of Mobile Phones on Health

The mobile phone has become a part of today’s generation. It has many features that can run up the daily activities of life. It is a convenient way of communication. Modern cell phones can perform various functions as they can be used for cameras, music players, and internet purposes. The mobile phone has made the world reachable around the clock. As far as mobile phones are a useful source of communication it also has many side effects. Here are 10 negative side effects of mobile phones on health presented in this article.

As far as smartphones are useful they also have many side effects on your sleep and your mood. It also affects student’s academic activities. They aren’t interested in their studies anymore and they lose their marks as a result. It also increases cyber crimes. It also has an impact on physical health.

Impacts on New generation:

The new generation is badly affected by the use of mobile phones. They are more aggressive because everything is available at their fingertips from a very young age but as time passes by and they enter practical life they face problems by having a lack of patience which leads to depression and anxiety and suicidal thoughts

Mobile phones can cause Brain Cancer:

According to researchers, there is a link between excessive use of phones and cancer. According to a study, those people who talk on phones excessively for several hours have a 50% chance of brain cancer. And the main purpose behind this is the radiowaves that mobile phones produce. Our brain receives these radiowaves continuously through the mobile phone and affects it and leads to malignant formation. Other than this it may also affect our nervous system.

Loss of Sleep:

Loss of sleep is one of the 10 Negative side effects of mobile phones on health. While sleeping if there is an interruption for texting and calling leads to disturbance of sleep. Some research suggests that people who use mobile phones at night when the lights are out face extreme tiredness that causes loss of focus and interest in their work. And your body is not in the flow to work as there is a lot of tiredness.

Use of Phone while driving:

It should be one of the top 10 Negative effects of mobile phones on health as a lot of accidents are caused due to distraction by using mobile phones. If a person’s eyes are on the phone instead of the road they may lose control over the steering wheel or the breaks, and an accident can take place that can take lives and leads to death. So it’s better to avoid the usage of mobile phones while driving.


Mobile phones make you easily communicate with your friends and family it can also be a leading cause of anxiety. Anxiety can be caused if you don’t get an immediate response to your texts from any loved ones or a quick response to your emails is not done in time can cause anxiety.

Mobile phones negatively impact your eyes:

Excessive use of mobile phones can cause poor eyesight. It is one of the 10 Negative side effects of mobile phones on health. A person’s eyes may hurt if they use their phone more, and it may cause a decrease in eyesight. Their eyeballs will hurt, and hence it will lead to headaches so the person cannot work or focus properly. Mobile phones badly affect eyesight, especially when you use the phone in a dark room to avoid your eyes being hurt a person must use night mode on.

Neck pain:

When a person uses their mobile phone they tend to look down at the mobile phone that causes a strain in the neck muscles. This straining can cause nerve pains that will spread to the back, shoulders, and a person’s arms. A person must maintain their posture by holding their phones a bit higher to avoid neck and muscles pain. Take breaks during use to prevent tension in the neck and muscles. Practice daily exercise for your muscles to prevent tension in the neck and muscles.


Out of 100%, more than 80% of respondents face cybercrimes which include abuse on social media, fake accounts, virus attacks, and threat or hate emails. Hackers can crush a person’s data including bank accounts and other business apps through various links.
According to a study, 13 to 18 years olds among them 15% are cyberbullied online. Due to this teenager gets mentally disturbed and become resistant to attend schools or go for outing. It is one of 10 negative impacts of mobile phones.

Unappropriate information for teens:

Smartphones have easy access to everything most of the information on social media is not accurate but naïve teenagers take them seriously and get influenced that causes problems in their lives. That makes them live in the world of fantasy and away from reality. Some of them may get involved in crimes or bad companies to fulfill their fantasies

Mobile Phones and Parenting:

A mother is the first institution of a child. Her actions have a giant impact on her children. A mother that is always on her phone will not be able to give proper attention to her child that will affect his grooming, manners, health, and also his studies. Youth is the future of our nation, their grooming and teachings are necessary for a better future.

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